25 Eylül 2013 Çarşamba

Synopsis is summary of your story so the purpose of it is keep everything together and take control of shootings.It is a preview of your work.Thats why it is very important and you should be careful while doing it.Also be careful about what it should be in it, what it conveys.That is the thing, that is going to show you how your film is going to be.It should convey the story and what is telling in there, who are the characters, what is changing begining to end and what is happening in the end.While doing all these also there are other things you should care about like writing clearly, pointing your thoughts right and you shouldn´t forget that it is just a summary so you shouldn´t stuck with little details.It will not be good for summary and it will be a waste of time and also another reason doing it, synopsis, is avoid wasting time.You do not need too much explanation.If you are doing this, you will be far from the purpose of synopsis.

24 Eylül 2013 Salı

Story board is some kind of presentation, preview of your video.Show it shot by shot with graphics, pictures and illustrations.It is about what is exactly going on in that moment.Makes you organize the video.It helps the filmmakers in many ways.Mostly helps organizing the story, makes you not forget about any scenes.Be your guide and saves your time.It´s a step before shooting film, so after you make the storyboard, you shoot film and you see what you are going to shoot and when you are going to shoot.It should include all the basic scenes.Don´t need little details, it just have to should show main scenes.So you look at it and just remember what scene is that.

17 Eylül 2013 Salı

Script is word form of film.You write what you are going to shoot.It helps filmmakers a lot and actually , you have to write script before shooting film.You have to write what you are thinking for organize your thoughts.Make it clear so you can shoot easily.You should make a story.So you´ll know what you are going to shoot next.

Script should look like an organized mirror of thoughts.Everything should be clear and understandable.You should specify the details which you are going to shoot.Thats will help you when you are shoting film.

Celtx is a media program which you can prepare. design, create media projects.Like films, videos, games, documantaries. screenplays..etc.It gives filmmakers oppurtunies for making their own projects with screenwriting, project collaboration, management&storage, publishing, scheduling.

Character, story, structure, voice and form are the parts of a script.

9 Eylül 2013 Pazartesi

Conceptual work is expressing things an unusual way. More into abstract. Thoughts are way more important than other stuff.

Whole process is important while doing a film, you have to be careful each step because you are going to built it brick by brick and thats why every brick should be strong for the new ones.Other wise it will be missing parts in it and they can make strong bricks weak.So that means film is not completed even we think its completed.

While making a film review the steps, planning before doing it, think before doing it will be work for me.In brief thinking before doing it.

In a group if only everyone can say whats on their mind without a doubt then that group can work together well on forming concept.

If everyone tells their own idea in a group, we can have plenty much of different ideas.As much as we have different thoughts, we can make more creative things.We can mix all together or add something new or improve the ideas.We can product something together.

But also when you are in the group you have listen and care about what other people think about your ideas even their thoughts bothers you.There is always a risk to be denial of your ideas.You have to be open and open for criticism.

While I was working on the concept in my group I learnt that only if everyone participates we can put something in the middle.Even the ideas comes not good when first hear, we can develop them so we should talk about every possibility for reach something better.

29 Ağustos 2013 Perşembe

Making the Video

Actually we are not making the video yet but we started to think about what we are going to do.We found some subjects like; nature, music video, social life, school life and communication.Next days we'll choose one of these or maybe something new and start to shoot it.We have 5 weeks until finish.


These day internet is irrevocable part of our lifes.We are using internet for almost anything.I am using it mostly for communication like most of teenagers.The main reason of it is, it's the easiest and cheapest way to communicate and social networks are making everything capable.You can share anything you want in that way.


This blog is about my media class.About what I'm going to do in there.I'm thinking it will improve my skills of using electronic devices and programmes.Also I'm hoping to learn how to use photoshop and learn more about short movies and shootings which I'm very interested in.